Mocha Match is a Discord bot that matches members to create connections.

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Why Mocha Match

  • Create connections to build a stronger community.
  • Meet new friends and potential collaborators.
  • Learn more about fellow members such as what they are interested in or working on.
  • Easy-to-use, frictionless Discord-native bot.
  • No emails, phone numbers, or signup needed.


All commands are triggered by a "/m" prefix.

  • /m start - Sends message to gather users for matching
  • /m match - Runs matching and sends matches as message
    • match_size - Number of users per match, default is 2 (pairs)
    • leftovers - What to do with leftover, non-matched users
      • Leave Out (default)
      • Join to Last Match
      • Create Smaller Match
  • /m role - Sets admin role for Mocha Match. Send without role to remove.
    • role - Required admin role for calling commands
  • /m feedback - Provide feedback on Mocha Match
  • /m help - List commands and get details on Mocha Match

Made by Ian, I want to hear any and all of your feedback and suggestions. Email or message me.